Re: coolkey on FreeBSD - Firefox segfaults when trying to add as a security module

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Kevin Reinholz wrote:
Ladies and Gentlemen,

When I try to add as a Security Module in Firefox, the dinosaur segfaults without an error message. (Exit code 139).

An ldd of reveals:

/usr/opt/lib/pkcs11/ => /usr/opt/lib/ (0x281a6000) => /lib/ (0x281b1000) => /usr/lib/ (0x28300000) => /lib/ (0x281c3000) => /lib/ (0x28089000) => /lib/ (0x281d8000)
There has been a fair amount of work to expunge libstdc++ from coolkey, it's surprising that it's showing up now. (though I don't know if that's your issue).

Another place to look is see if the pcsc-lite shared library is being properly loaded. I haven't tried coolkey on a generic freeBSD system, though it has been built for the MacOS variant of freebsd.
An ldd of reveals:

/usr/opt/lib/ => /lib/ (0x28190000) => /lib/ (0x28089000)

Should either of these coolkey shared objects be explicitly linked to
Coolkey dloads this library.
coolkey's src/install/Makefile reveals that it correctly recognizes SCARD_LIB_NAME = which it is looking for in PCSC_LIBS = -L/usr/local/lib.

Has anyone successfully tested coolkey on a *BSD system? Building it on FreeBSD is easy enough. Loading it as a security module in Firefox is not.
I would pull and build NSS to get the pk11util tool. pk11util allows you to open and test pkcs #11 modules without the full weight of a browser (firefox), or even a pki toolkit (nss).
cvs checkout -r NSS_3_11_BRANCH mozilla/security/nss mozilla/security/dbm mozilla/security/coreconf mozilla/dbm
cvs checkout mozilla/nsprpub
cd mozilla/security/nss
make nss_build_all
cd cmd/pk11util

I find most of the issues in bringing a new pkcs#11 module up (or porting it to a new platform) show up at initialization time, so pk11util can help you debug those (you can at least get a stack traceback if you run it in a debugger.


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