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I tried it, then attempted to load the reader in Adobe Reader.  After getting the error I closed the program, and there wasn't a file.

To make sure that I had the environment variable set correctly, I then launched Firefox and connected to a page that requires smart card authentication, and there was a log file.

A coworker apparently was able to get the ActivClient PKCS#11 module to load in Adobe Reader 8 on Windows and suggested I try Apple's PKCS#11 module on OS X rather than Coolkey; however I got the same error.

- David Mueller

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From: "Robert Relyea" 
To: "David Mueller" 
Subject: Re:  Coolkey and Adobe Reader
Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2007 09:43:00 -0700

David Mueller wrote:
> Has anyone been able to get Coolkey to load in Adobe Reader?  The 
> goal is to be able to use the certs on a smart card to sign PDFs. 
>  I have tried Coolkey 1.1.0 Adobe Reader 7.0.9 on Gentoo, Fedora 
> Core 5, and openSUSE 10.2, and with Adobe Reader 8.0.0 on Mac OS 
> X.
> On all of the cases, I get an error message "Could not load the 
> PKCS#11 module".  On the Linux systems, it also states "Unknown 
> error" and "Error Code: 570425392".
If you set the following environment variable, Coolkey will create a log file:

If you set the environment variable to SYSLOG, coolkey will log to 
the syslog, otherwise coolkey will take the value as a path and try 
to open a log file with that path.

You can at least see if adobe is successfully loading and calling coolkey.

> On openSUSE, I also tried loading the module 
> that is included with the default openSUSE install and got the 
> same error, so it may be an issue with Adobe Reader rather than 
> with Coolkey, but I thought I'd ask and see if anyone had gotten 
> it to work.
> I was able to get Adobe Reader 8 to work with smart cards on 
> Windows XP, but those systems are using ActivClient, not Coolkey.
> Thanks,
> David Mueller
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