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Alon Bar-Lev wrote:

Currently your are using RSA security files, without complaining its license --
the advertising statement clause.
Actually I'm using Mozilla versions of these files. Mozilla went through the work to get these from RSA under the tri-License. It's the only source of PKCS #11 headers I would trust to be licensed under GPL or LGPL.
GPLed programs cannot have this clause.

So Marcus Brinkmann maintains a complete rewrite of the PKCS#11 interface,
it is used in opensc project and on scute project.

I prepared a patch for CoolKey to switch into the new implementation.
I'm rather worried about an outside implementation. If the PKCS #11 headers you have were derived from the spec, then they are derived from RSA copy written material and would suffer from the attribute clause (they become derived works).... even if an explicit RSA copy write is not in the headers themselves.

You can grab it from:

It basically removed pkcs11*.h, mypkcs11.h, adds the new pkcs11.h, and
add mypkcs11 with your own extensions. And adds some fixups to the code.

The same should be done for your Windows CSP implementation.

BTW: Why do you use netscape as a base?
Because of License. Mozilla got permission from the copywrite holder to release those headers under the mozilla tri-license.

In practice I don't think is out to sue people who use PKCS #11, but I have to maintain a pretty clean license pedigree, and I know that the pkcs11 header files in mozilla have been appropriately vetted.

Best Regards,
Alon Bar-Lev.

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