ESC not registered for Windows smartcard logon.

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Description from a co-worker, so pardon that this is third hand:

When attempting to logon via my enrolled smartcard, I get this error: "The card supplied requires drivers that are not present on this system. Please try another card." (After logging in via password, the ESC software recognizes the card just fine.)

I found out that there was an upgrade to the "Axalto egate Virtual Reader Enumerator" on my machine and installed it. I also installed the "MS Base Smart Card Update" (KB909520) for good measure. None of these updates solved the problem.

I've found references to this error with other middleware and the common theme is that the middleware isn't registered with the operating system to perform the smart card login. Unfortunately I haven't found too much information specific to Redhat CS.

Any insight on possible busted configuration, or should I open a bug on this?

-- Tim

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