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Once upon a time, Brian C. Lane <bcl@xxxxxxxxxx> said:
> On Thu, Dec 08, 2022 at 02:17:22PM -0600, Chris Adams wrote:
> > One other thing that I noticed a while back that takes up a chunk of
> > space is the kernel... it's included inside install.img (in two places
> > even, although I assume it's hardlinked?), even though it has to have
> > already been loaded before install.img can be read.
> What two places? On rawhide we have one on the iso under /images/pxeboot/
> and another inside the install.img under /usr/lib/modules...

There used to be two on the ISO with syslinux (but they were effectively
hardlinked, so that didn't matter), didn't realize that'd been reduced.

There's also two inside install.img, /boot/vmlinux-<version> and
/usr/lib/modules/<version>/vmlinuz.  This is what I'm not sure if it's
linked, or if the squashfs compression makes it an effective wash, or
what; extracting the squashfs does not result in hardlinked files.

I know that /boot on an installed system is typically separate, so hard
links don't work when installing the kernel, but separate-/boot is not
always the case.  It'd be nice if the kernel install scripts tried to
hard link where possible.

> I think I tried removing the kernel from the install.img at one point,
> but it ended up being required for FIPS (see

Ahh.  I think I brought it up (on fedora-devel or maybe anaconda-devel)
too, but forgot (and forgot the reason why).  I agree that it seems
silly that looking at a kernel file that was not used to boot is
considered acceptable.
Chris Adams <linux@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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