anaconda preview installer doesn't set up or install wi-fi on my thinkpad

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I installed fedora 37 using the anaconda preview image installer on my Lenova Thinkpad X220.  I allowed the installer to erase the 1TB SSD and took all the defaults.

After rebooting, the system came up but the WiFi didn't work. The system did not prompt me to select a WiFi network during set up.  After setup, there was no button for WiFi on the upper-right menu. 

I booted with the standard Fedora 37 live image and installed that.  When I rebooted, during set up I was prompted to select a WiFi network.  After set up was complete, the upper right menu showed a blue button with my selected WiFi network and the network worked fine.

The system is a Lenova X220 Thinkpad (not that tablet version) with 8GB RAM and a 1TB SSD.

LMK if you need any other info to resolve this.


Chuck Berghorn

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