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On Thursday, September 15, 2022 8:11:39 AM EDT Vladimir Slavik wrote:
> while trying to make sense of the remaining C bits in anaconda, I found
> that we actually have a mock auditd, which does nothing and replaces the
> real auditd on boot.iso, via lorax templates.
> Now I'm trying to understand why. Is it because it writes too much to
> journal? Is it because it takes 90 MB memory? Something else?
> Steve, Brian - would you know?
> PS: https://github.com/rhinstaller/anaconda/pull/4331 - moving it from the
> python module directory where it was hiding.

I would guess that they are trying to prevent hardwired audit events from 
going into the install logs. If you boot with audit=0, you wouldn't need a 
mock auditd because auditing is disabled...except that systemd-journald 
blindly enables auditing. Maybe they fixed it to respect the command line by 
now, I don't know.

Another item, and maybe this is the reason, if there is no auditd, selinux 
sends AVC's to syslog. So, maybe it's to suppress AVC's?

I'd suggest booting with audit=0. If you get any events in your logs, you can 
probably replace auditd with a python variant. Libaudit has python bindings. 
It is not well tested for handling audit events. But it is used by semanage 
and some other python programs.


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