[Anaconda-devel] Re: Making Anaconda do hybrid BIOS+UEFI setups for legacy BIOS installs

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I inserted a comment in the PR,

On second thought it's probably better discussed here. I'm generally
inclined to support less than more by combining things as much as
possible. So I'm wondering about a disklabel and bootloader policy
that in effect is GPT+BIOSBoot+EFI System partitions, with both
bootloaders configured at installation time no matter the firmware
type during installation. There's already one consumer for this,
Fedora Cloud edition images (both qcow2 and raw).

Maybe it doesn't really simplify anything for the non-cloud case? We'd
need to boot systems in BIOS, do an installation, test the
installation in BIOS and UEFI mode boot. And boot systems in UEFI, do
an installation, and test the installation in BIOS and UEFI boot. We
do this already but I wonder if it's overall less complex for Anaconda
going forward? And reduces the chance of installation failure or the
boot following installation?

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