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"The installer must allow the user to choose which disk the system
bootloader will be installed to, and to choose not to install one at
all. "

The "choose not to install one at all" doesn't really apply to UEFI. I
wonder if we can just drop the whole criterion? (I'm still hopeful
that one day the entirety of bootloader UI in the installer goes

So what you get is a system without an EFI system partition (or an
existing ESP that isn't used), but all the bootloader stuff is put on
the /boot volume. So it's not going to boot, which makes the
installer's warnings true. The one thing *not* copied for some reason
is the stub grub.cfg. But shim, grub, the real grub.cfg, and BLS
snippets are all there - just on ext4 /boot which the firmware can't
read so the system doesn't boot. It's harmless because the user signed
up for this after all, but it's also kinda pointless.

Reproduce steps:
1. Any that use Anaconda, from any release, but I just used this:
2. Boot it, launch installer
3. Installation destination keep all defaults
4. Click blue text at the bottom "Full disk summary and boot loader..."
5. Select the (in my case single) drive, click the "Do not install
bootloader" button
6. Close and install

Chris Murphy
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