[Anaconda-devel] the possibility to detect /home subvolume if fedora with default partition layout is detected.

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thank you for a lovly installer.

i'm blind and use orca the screen reader to aid me in installing fedora.

too my question

i'm a end user, could what was asked in the subject line be made a

usecase, fedora install is completely inoperable and you wish to
currently doo a repair install and you wish to retain your home subvolume.

that is to say.


reinstall fedora lieveing your home subvolume alone and using that
instead of formatting everything.

this would lieve your userdata alone including your .files.

you would need to make the same user account with the same name etc for
this to work.

how i see this in anaconda.

when the installer is launched and you have gone through the language
and keybord layout questions, when it getts to the partition stage and
default /auto partitioning is selected a question could be asked doo you
wish to keep your home partition/volume?

I hope this makes sence.

I would be greatful if you were to  considder this.

Majid Hussain

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