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Did you get a chance to review below email?

I am just waiting for your response to assist you further with more details.

Could you please get back to me on this.?


From: Annalena Lynch [mailto:annalena.lynch@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: 20 October 2021 01:31 PM
Subject: Xilinx - SC 2021 - Super Computing Conference Attendees-D    atabase



Attendees-list of SC 2021 - Super Computing Conference (Nov 14–19, 2021) is available-to-acquire with contact name, job title, email-address, phone-number, company name and mailing address etc…

Reply to know more about-list & features.

PS: If you think I should be talking to someone else, please forward the E-mail and do help me in reaching them.

Annalena Lynch
Event & Trade Show Coordinator

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