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On Mon, 2021-02-08 at 21:02 -0700, Chris Murphy wrote:
> Hi,
> This is in regards to this Fedora 34 change:
> The gist is to do 'mount -o compress=zstd:1' anytime Btrfs is used,
> whether Destination Installation>Automatic or Custom or
> Advanced-Custom. Apply it during the installation, and add it to
> /etc/fstab.
> Somehow I got confused thinking that autopart supports --fsoptions,
> and that would be the way to do this. But (a) --fsoptions isn't
> supported with autopart, and (b) it wouldn't be a universal approach
> anyway. And we want this to be consistent. Now I'm thinking it needs
> to go somewhere in:
> Am I on the right track, or does it need to go somewhere else, or in
> addition to that?
(I'm one of the change owners, and trying to figure this out with

Ideally we have a solution that is configurable - i.e. this is exposed
via a kickstart command (and probably entailing changes in Anaconda and
pykickstart), but if that is not possible, or require a lot of rework
(which we can try to work on), if we are willing to carry a patch for
blivet or some other component to override the behavior just for Fedora
34, what's the best way of achieving that?

Btrfs is probably the only filesystem with built-in compression that we
potentially care about, so designing an interface to expose this
functionality might be an overkill -- but we're not sure.


Michel Alexandre Salim

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