Re: ONBOOT=no when performed a USB install with kickstart

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On 1/7/20 12:40 PM, Gianfranco Sigrisi wrote:
Hi Team,

Can someone please explain why in RHEL 8.1 USB install anaconda with Kickstart sets still ONBOOT=no when the network connection was not detected during the installation?

I've found a few bugs (old) related to this  issue where the consensus was to set it up as ONBOOT=yes

These are Fedora bugs, and on Fedora the ONBOOT of a device should already be set to yes. On RHEL it is a matter of policy, which is likely going to be reconsidered in scope of these bugs:

Here is more info about the state, reasons and outlooks:

Do I really have to use sed in the postinstall script in the kickstart?

Other option could be:

1) Adding network configuration in kickstart that would ensure the onboot yes value (here, using "--device link: for the first device with link found):

network --device link --onboot yes

If you want to prevent activating the device in the installer environment:

network --device link --onboot yes --no-activate

More information in

2) Activating any device via boot options, for example using:




would make the device have ONBOOT=yes on the installed system (if not reconfigured by other means)


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