Proposal to use repo files in Anaconda environment

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Hello everyone,

We (the Anaconda installer team) want to solve multiple problems by one
solution and we want 


In short we are proposing to use custom repo files when configuring
Anaconda for image creation instead of adding even more complexity to
the kickstart repo command. For more details see the link below.

Purpose of this mail is to give everyone interested in the topic a
place to discuss our proposal to find out if we didn't miss something
or better case, if you agree with it :). It could be that this is not
applicable for Lorax / Pungi / live-cd tool in that case please write a
response to the document.

You can read details here:

Please, all the relevant comments should stay in the document if
possible. If that solution won't work because of higher traffic then we
will find a better solution but the point is to have everything on one

Have a great day everyone,

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