Re: Discussion: what would not blocking on btrfs look like?

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On Wed, 2019-08-28 at 15:59 -0600, Chris Murphy wrote:

> > On one hand I understand all of the consternation around making btrfs bugs
> > blockers for Fedora, but on the other hand it seems a bit silly to be having
> > this conversation at all based on hitting a bug that went into the merge window
> > and then was fixed before rc1 was even cut.  Thanks,
> It is silly, if it's really safe to say that Btrfs won't be the
> default file system in any release blocking deliverable. Having
> blocker status was always a means to that end. But right now it's
> maybe three (?) automated tests that depend on Btrfs working. If
> Fedora Workstation defaulted to Btrfs, that's dozens or even hundreds
> of tests? Adam?

Well, yeah, but they all use the same filesystem layout. So either they
all work or they're all broken, so far as any filesystem bug is

But anyway, I've said this once already, but just to say it again: this
discussion isn't happening because of any specific concern related to
the bug that was linked in the original mail. The bug simply alerted
the kernel team to the fact that we currently block on btrfs, which is
something they thought we shouldn't do *anyway*. It's nothing to do
with that particular bug at all. They just hadn't yelled about it
before because, until an actual blocker bug showed up, they weren't
aware of it.

> And another question for QA. If it were Btrfs by default for
> Workstation, would you just convert all the tests that rely only on
> ext4 now to Btrfs? Or duplicate those tests so you can run them in
> parallel? How much more testing is that and what's the impact on time
> and resources?

I mean, there wouldn't be any 'conversion'. That's just sort of not how
the tests work. The tests work by running the installer and clicking
stuff (talking about the openQA tests, here). If the default filesystem
is different most of the tests will run the same - they'll just happen
to be using a different default filesystem.

I wouldn't duplicate all the tests and run them all on different
filesystems, no, there isn't really much justification for that. We
already theoretically block on about eight different filesystems, we
don't re-run every single blocking test on each of those filesystems.
If you start trying to do that kind of combinatorial testing you're
going to blow up quite rapidly - do we do every single test on each
blocking desktop on each blocking arch with each blocking filesystem on
both BIOS and UEFI with three different graphics cards? By the time you
multiply all those factors by each other you're probably already
looking at several billion tests, and I haven't even thrown in another
half-dozen factors I easily could throw in.
Adam Williamson
Fedora QA Community Monkey
IRC: adamw | Twitter: AdamW_Fedora | adamwfedora

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