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On Tue, Aug 27, 2019 at 1:30 PM Laura Abbott <labbott@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I also think there are other perspectives that might at least
> > potentially be useful here. Right now we've mainly heard from a couple
> > of community folks who are very passionate about btrfs, and Red Hat
> > folks from anaconda/kernel development and RHEL management who
> > essentially see it as a burden that is not aligned with their
> > priorities. Is that all the perspectives we have to make a decision
> > with? I think we should at least talk to the Facebook team that
> > apparently uses btrfs on Fedora extensively about whether they'd be sad
> > to see installer btrfs support die and, if so, whether they'd perhaps
> > be interested in helping support it. And more broadly, community folks
> > on all the lists this is going to: are there more people who actually
> > are interested in this functionality and would be sad to see it go? If
> > btrfs isn't a part of Red Hat's product roadmaps but is important to
> > lots of folks in the wider Fedora community, maybe that's another
> > indicator we can use....or indeed, if it turns out not many folks
> > actually care.
> As an on the record btrfs skeptic, I think it would help to have an end-to-end picture of what's missing or needs to be added across all packages. If someone comes to me today and says "I want to help btrfs be successful in Fedora", I'd like to know where to point them besides just suggesting they get added on the btrfs kernel alias.

Forgive me, but I had missed this in the sea of other messages (this
thread is long and crazy now!).

The Fedora Btrfs folks over the past few years have implemented the following:
* Developed a DNF plugin to invoke snapper correctly for full system snapshots
* Ported over the change set from SUSE to the Fedora grub2 package to
support btrfs boot to snapshot
* Fixed grubby to handle snapshot menu items for grub (this is kind of
deprecated with BLS, though)

The things that I'm looking to do:
* Develop a libdnf plugin to replace the existing DNF snapper plugin
(so that PackageKit is also covered)
* Adapt the boot to snapshot stuff to use BLS (with boom, presumably?)

The things I've been pushing off (for obvious reasons):
* Enable Anaconda to allow /boot to be a btrfs subvolume (PR is in limbo...)
* Ensure Anaconda configures snapper automatically when btrfs rootfs is selected
* Design a sensible default btrfs layout (perhaps based on the current
openSUSE one?)

The mid-/long-term things I'm thinking of:
* Consideration of moving the rpmdb to /usr/lib/sysimage/rpm (unifying
standard Fedora and OSTree Fedora...)
* A libdnf plugin to implement atomic package management using btrfs
snapshots (like transactional-update, except done properly...)

That's basically the full scope of the Btrfs enablement work I've
planned right now.

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