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Good day Thomas,

I'm working on Anaconda (Fedora/RHEL/CentOS installer) and we have
recently seen your presentation about addon on Anaconda you are using
for the CERN purposes[0]. That's great to hear you are using and
extending our project. Hope you like how Anaconda progress.
I want to ask you about current status of this addon. If you are using
it or testing it on Fedora or if you are planning to adapt it on RHEL-
8? The reason is that we are doing a bigger improvement of how Anaconda
is working on the backend side and it will probably touch your addon.
We want to provide you a stable API which you and even us will use. You
can look on my presentation [1] and our blog [2] unfortunately
it's little bit outdated but the main idea stays the same. You can also
look on the recent upstream changes, all the work we are doing is more
or less used on Fedora even now.

I writing you mainly because we want to avoid breaking of your addon.
In case you will have problems with the addon thanks to the transition
to a new solution please feel free to contact us on

mailing list:

or IRC:
freenode #anaconda



Best regards,

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