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Hello Pat,

You started to raise more and more pull requests to our Anaconda code
base. I really like we have that active contributor like you, however,
we have a hard time to see what you want to achieve with these changes.

It is not that trivial to test your changes and also we would like to
help you to create a solution which will be beneficial for all of us.
So before I'll merge your another PR[1], I would like to know more
about your project.

We have a vision of what is your aim for these changes.
At RHEL 7 & RHEL-8 you have an ability to add disabled addon
repositories specific for your distribution, this was removed[2] with a
message that we will provide you another solution how to add this back.
Our changes which will make your changes incompatible are now planned
to RHEL-8.2.
What we are planing to have (and we need to have) is the ability to add
a repository by DBus API and disable this repository by the same API
afterwards. However for that, you have to have an addon. There are also
other options in our aim but we have to know what you are trying to
achieve first. 

Could you please answer the questions below:

1) Are you planning to have an Anaconda addon which will use our DBus

2) Are you planning to branch SC from Fedora or only from RHEL?

3) I know you want to have EPEL repository disabled by default in the
source spoke but how do you want to achieve this state? 

4) Is there something else you want to change from the default Anaconda


Thanks a lot for your contributions,

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