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Hi Jirka,

My real use case is to deploy hundreds of moodle servers across the country where less technical people will do the installation.
Each server required to setup with different access credentials.  [1]

These servers will host Government Exam in remote areas and send the backup to central server which required to identify exam center separately.
We have done the pilot exam by running a script which read centerid and then reset user passwords and hostname. But the issue is person do the installation know whats actually happening and what does this script.
So, we can't do this for real exam. Other than this, we manage to run the pilot exam in 655 centers to facilitate nearly 200k candidates.

Above two requirements can be solved using entering center/organization ID which added during the installation, but we can't let them to manually setup the system.

Please find my in-line reply.

On Tue, Apr 16, 2019 at 2:28 PM <jkonecny@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Navin,

It depends how you want to control this user organization/id. 

Do you have an addon which will setup this?  

hostname required to set based on the organizationID.

Do you want to extend the existing Anaconda graphical user interface?

no, prefer to have it on the same window where we create user
or the window that prompt to choose installation destination, time & date, etc.

Do you want to extend the existing Anaconda text user interface?

same as graphical interface.

Or should this be supported by kickstart installation only?

servers are not connected each other and there is a chance that server is totally online during the installation (internet may available during the installation).

Could you please answer the questions?

I hope above information is answer your questions.

Other than this, we need to make disk level encryption (as the server keep the exam papers and answers till the evaluation of exam) which wasn't tested during the pilot test.
As a fedora contributor I highly believe that this project will make a big impact on our community.


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