Re: what creates /etc/multipath.conf on composes?

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Hi Chris,

We don't call mpathconf from our code and I'm not able to find that in
the blivet code-base neither. My guess would be that this is called by
blivet from the libblockdev but that is for further investigation on
the storage developers side to confirm my suggestion.

Vojta, Dave could you please look on what could be the problem?


On Fri, 2019-02-08 at 14:53 -0700, Chris Murphy wrote:
> crossposting to anaconda-devel and fedora test lists
> Hi,
> I ran into a consistently reproducible multipathd crash in Fedora
> Rawhide netinstaller during startup, filed a multipathd bug, and the
> assignee fixed the crash but also discovered that the
> /etc/multipath.conf in the booted netinstall environment is not the
> intended default that it should be.
> There is no /etc/multipath.conf in an installed system. So something
> in the compose process is creating this wrong /etc/multipath.conf and
> I'm not sure what's responsible. Since it's already on the install
> media, when anaconda does this:
> Feb 07 00:29:34 localhost anaconda[1657]: program: Running [3]
> mpathconf --find_multipaths y --user_friendly_names y
> --with_multipathd y ...
> Is a no op, because that won't overwrite an existing file. But the
> bug
> assignee is saying there shouldn't be an /etc/multipath.conf file
> already there, so that (basically) the anaconda call to mpathconf
> causes the correctly formed /etc/multipath.conf file to be created.

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