Re: Local network install problem.

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I work with CentOS (which looks a *lot* like Fedora), and the os repo has only the basic components (@core, @base); the rest of the system is in the updates (newer versions of things in os) and epel repos (again, CentOS), which each require a "repo" statement in the kickstart file.


From: Louis Garcia <louisgtwo@xxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Monday, September 3, 2018 11:42 PM
To: anaconda-devel-list@xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Local network install problem.
Having many boxes to setup I decided to setup a local repo of fedora. I setup vsftpd for this repo. I won't go into every step unless someone asks. Either through pxe of network boot I'm able to boot into anacanda and setup everything except the software packages. Everything in the software spoke is empty. Then I point anaconda to a mirror and software spoke is fine.

What did I miss?

#rsync -av rsync:// /srv/repos/fedora/28/x86_64/os

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