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On Thu, 2018-07-26 at 13:37 +0100, Majid Hussain wrote:
> hi all,
> I hope you all are having a great day,
> would it be possable to have anaconda install updates while installing fedora?
> just a thought I had after reinstalling today, it would save time
> maybe a box that says get updates or something?
> is this feezable?
This should be already possible if you use the network installation image,
you can tell Anaconda to use the updates repo and it will install newest versions
of all the packages during installation.

On the Live image this is not really doable/easy as we are basically just copying a
pre-made OS image to the target system with rsync. To update it it would be necessary
to basically chroot to the target system and run a system update (as you would generally do
yourself after the installation).

This has the downside that we would also have to make sure network connectivity is available
(which is not required for plain Live installation) and it would actually not save any time
(it would still be live install + system update) other than running the update automatically
by Anaconda instead of by the user after installation.

I'm thinking something like a service that would start on first boot and ask the user if
a system update should be done would be a better fit.

> many thanks for reading! :)
> Majid Hussain

Best Wishes
Martin Kolman

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