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> Sent: Tuesday, July 4, 2017 4:58:52 AM
> Subject: Fedora change: reduce initial setup redundancy
> Hi Anaconda devs,
> Tomorrow is the system-wide change proposal deadline for F27. I've
> prepared a draft change page for reducing initial setup redundancy in
> Fedora Workstation. We discussed this a few years ago, and you all
> implemented your side of the story already (the user interaction config
> file), but us Workstation folks dropped the ball and left it unused.
> Anyway, the proposal:
> Ideally I would have prepared this earlier and run it by you *before*
> submitting it... so sorry for the very short notice and for delaying
> way too long. 
Well, it certainly good to see things finally moving also outside of the Anaconda proper. :)

>The Workstation WG has approved the general idea of
> reducing redundancy between gnome-initial-setup and Anaconda, but has
> not reviewed this proposal yet either, because I just typed it up an
> hour ago, so at this point it's just me brainstorming. Everything is
> subject to change and approval and your feedback and nothing is set in
> stone.
> We are (OK, I am) basically planning to hide a bunch of Anaconda spokes
> (timezone?, networking, user account creation, root password) using the
> user interaction config file. And then hide some gnome-initial-setup
> panels (language, keyboard layout, timezone?) using a new g-i-s
> configuration file.
Can you clarify this point ? Wouldn't it just be enough for g-i-s to parse the 
user interaction config files and hide it's own corresponding screens accordingly ?
I can see the screen mapping might not be 100% the same as in Anaconda/Initial Setup,
but I'm not sure yet another configuration file is the answer.
Or am I just missuderstanding things ? :)

> Of course, only when running in Workstation: this
> would not affect other Fedora products that don't have
> gnome-initial-setup. (And the networking panel would be needed for
> netinstall anyway. This proposal is mainly focused on live installs.)
> Technically, we *could* do this without any further changes in
> Anaconda, but it turns out that the installation progress screen looks
> pretty odd with both the account creation and root password spokes
> removed. So some design changes for this page when no spokes are
> present would certainly be desirable.
Yeah - that sounds doable. IIRC there have even been some inquiries from the fedora design team
if the banner could be made bigger (as even with the two spokes there is quite some unused space)
so I guess this could be done in the same scope.

> So we'd appreciate your feedback on this proposal. Sorry again for the
> late notice. We can edit or delay it at any time, of course.
And sorry for the late answer - I was away for 3 weeks and only got back this week. :)
> Thanks,
> Michael
Best Wishes

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