User config specification implemented

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the user config specification has been implemented by Anaconda and is
ready to use by pre & post installation setup tools!
Both current Rawhide and Fedora 25 Anacondas have this functionality
and it is enabled.

I would also like to note that at the moment only the spoke visit
tracking is implemented by Anaconda, not yet the optional option-
changed tracking. 

This is partially deliberate as there is a substantial amount of
options on the screens of the Anaconda GUI, and we would like to first
start tracking the options post installation setup tools are actually
going to use. 

So if you your post installation setup tool needs better granularity
than just the Anaconda screen visit tracking then let us know what
options would you like us to start tracking in the interaction config
files for changes made by the user.

The screen hiding mechanism has also been implemented, so Anaconda will
not show screens that have been marked as visited in an existing user
interaction config file. This can be used by pre-installation setup
tools, like for example a hypothetical language selection widget, which
could use this mechanism to notify Anaconda to skip it's own language
selection screen. Another use case is to hide screens not considered
necessary for a given distro variant.

Best Wishes
Martin Kolman


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