Replacing the bootloader

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Anaconda devs,

Is it possible to replace the default bootloader that anaconda loads onto a system via an add-on, or will I need to recompile anaconda from scratch?

As background for what I am attempting to do, I am trying to enable passwordless encryption using the TPM, which relies on TrustedGRUB2 (, a drop-in replacement for grub2.  I have compiled an RPM called "trustedgrub2" which replaces both "grub2" and "grub2-tools".  However, in pyanaconda/, it looks like the package is hardcoded as "grub2".  It looks like changing that line to "trustedgrub2" should work, but I'd rather not, as I've been having trouble rebuilding the RPM and I don't want to have to rebuild anaconda for each point release of RHEL/CentOS.

My current process is to install a system using the default ISO, then uninstall grub2, install trustedgrub2, then replace the bootloader.  I'd rather not have to uninstall grub2 and simply install trustedgrub2 from the beginning.

Thanks in advance for your expert assistance.


John Wallace
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