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Chris Murphy wrote:
> Asking the user about any of this is not reasonable. All of your
> suggestions have confused me, so there's no way I'd agree to
> subjecting all anaconda users who have an empty drive and user manual
> storage configuration to this.

Because you yourself are _not_ familiar either.  If anything, you're
making a case for when a GPT disk label is created/wiped.  Ergo ...

> About the MSR specifically:
> a. Microsoft says the MSR must go immediately before the basic data
> partition, and your proposal doesn't do that nor can it. [1]
> b. The Microsoft (Windows 10 Enterprise) installer creates an MSR
> immediately before the basic data partition, when installed into
> unallocated space. [2]

The "Basic Data Partition" = C: partition, _not_ "System" partition.
It's the _3rd_ partition, after the System and Reserved. [7] [8] [10]

Again, you're making my point for me.  There is mass ignorance out
there, of even the "Reserved" partition itself, let alone where
Microsoft creates it.  You just literally told me _wrong_.  ;)

I've done hundreds upon hundreds of multi-boot uEFI installs.  It's
_exactly_ this type of "unfamiliarity" I'm trying to _deal_ with.
It's _rampant_, and the Anaconda installer could offer a _single_
checkbox to maximize compatibility.

If you don't believe me, install Windows 8 or 10 x64 and see what it
creates for itself.  Whether MBR or GPT, you will _always_ get a
"System" partition before the "Windows" partition, and if it's GPT,
there will be the "Reserved" partition between them.

-- bjs


Bryan J Smith  -
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