Tascam US-122 linux freeze

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Hi, I am trying to use my old Tascam US-122 on Linux Mint 19.3 / Ubuntu 18.04 equipped with kernels 4.15 and 5.0.

I followed with a lot of attention the guide at https://alsa.opensrc.org/Tascam_US-122, so I fallen in the below scenario:
  1. I configured the ALSA firmware.
  2. I plugged the USB card.
  3. The USB led does not powered up.
  4. I unplugged and plugged the card again.
  5. After 30/45 seconds the US led powered on.
  6. Later after a minute or two the system freezed. I had to power off the PC because not even the AtSysRq reboot the system.
Could somebody help me?

Thank you so much,
Antonio Petricca
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