Re: How to record audio from a live video (youtube via firefox) ?

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Dear tuxic,

I want to record the audio of a live stream video (youtube).

This sounds like more of a problem for ffmpeg, mpv or youtube-dl.

Everything I tried resulted in audio files with constant or
intermitted sine wave like sounds.

What have you tried? With Pulseaudio, you get "monitor" devices for each sink so you can record output sound. It's harder with ALSA, if I recall.

I am using pure alsa. I don't want pulseaudio and with jack
started firefoxs audio does not work.

That's probably because Firefox and Jack are trying to open the same ALSA devices?

But I thought modern Firefox depends on Pulseaudio, you have to build your own Firefox binary if you want ALSA.

Here is a question that may be of use, there is both a Pulseaudio and ALSA solution:



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