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This is 68.12.0 on Raspbian.  Crashes a bunch on a couple sites in
particular, I haven't run the validator on them.  This noise went away
after I closed it and reopened it, it will probably come back.  The
noise sounds a lot like what I was recording so it took a while to
realize I was hearing it even when I wasn't playing a recording.

On 10/3/20, Bill Purvis <bill@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 03/10/2020 13:51, Alan Corey wrote:
>> Hmm, I reopened it later and it was quiet.  I tend to leave it open
>> for days and have about 20 tabs open.  It has high RAM and CPU usage
>> usually, swapping happens.  I rarely find a web page that uses sound
>> but some do and they work.  I didn't even think about it though.
> I've had that recently. However, I ran some updates which required a
> reboot and
> the noise has gone, at least for the moment. I'm running Firefox on
> Ubuntu Studio 20.04
> Bill
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