Split 7.1 surround sound to 4stereo channels

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 I follow the instruction in this question: How to split 7.1 soundcard outputs to 4 stereo outs with ALSA
I am able to use the first three "channels" for my multiroom system.
However the last one did not work. (segmentation fault when I try aplay)
My sound card is the embedded one on the Asus ASROCK J4105ITX

 According to the documentation for a 7.1 surround sound output the line in has to be "converted" to a output.
 Can I do that through the asound.conf file? (May be my bindings numbers are not the correct one)
0 1 are the green connector (front speakers)
 2 3 are the black connector (rear speakers)
 4 5 are the pink connector (microphone!!!!!!!)
6 7 are not working (connector ???????)
I was expecting to use the Orange connector (center/bass speaker) and the line in (light blue) connector instead of the microphone
If it is not possible to output 4stereos channels, can I output 2stereos channels and 2mono channels (using bindings 0,1 for stereo1 2,3 for stereo2 4 for mono1 and 5 for mono2)?
Thank you

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